Like celebrities?
Like Nazi uniforms?
Like celebrities in Nazi Uniforms?
Then this is the Reich place for you!

DISCLAIMER: This blog in no way supports fascism, the Nazi party, or celebrity culture - it just has a generous interest in a specific uniform worn by soldiers of the German army circa. 1939 - 1945

Taking the above disclaimer into account please note that any "hate" we receive will be instantly deleted (and completely ignored).

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reichfuherslostgypsywaspmayuin whispered, "I wont even go on anon, but goddamn...i F***ing love this blog so much"

And we love you too, oh brave not-anon. (Thank you!)

Anonymous whispered, "Thanks for this tumblr! Very cool stuff."

Glad you like it! Thank you :) 

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Charles Dance in “In the Presence of Mine Enemies”(1997)

Charles Dance in “In the Presence of Mine Enemies”(1997)

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Anonymous whispered, "I understand your need to emphasize that you don't support Nazism in any way, because, obviously. But it would be funnier if your disclaimer said "this blog in no way supports celebrity culture". :)"

spookpirate whispered, "this is literally the greatest blog i've come across-- i'm in love <3 bless the moderator(s?) of this blog omfg"

Thank you so much! (Sorry it’s been a bit quiet here lately but this really means a lot.)